Predavanje g-dina Mike Mayora

U saradnji sa izdavackom kucom Pearson gost Katedre za anglistiku bice Mike Mayor (director:framesworks and scales, English and schools, Pearson). Gospodin Mayor ce u cetvrtak 18.05. 2017. godine u sali 11 u 13:15 odrzati prezentaciju za nase studente, lektore i profesore na temu:

Global Scale of English (GSE) project and the revision and upgrade of The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).


The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) has become a standard framework of reference for teachers, learners and content creators around the world – but questions are still being asked about the language learning process. How long does it take to learn English? What does it mean to be B1? What is a realistic target for my students? Are we setting ourselves – and our learners – up to fail?

This presentation looks at the Global Scale of English (GSE) project which takes the original CEFR research and Can Do statements and extends the set of learning objectives to better understand the skills needed to master English by different groups of learners. Think you know about the CEFR? Come along to find out some little known facts – and learn more about the GSE project, including free online resources to support you in the classroom.

Pozivamo sve zainteresovane na ovo veoma zanimljivo i korisno predavanje.

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